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Make 2020 YOUR best Year Ever! 


Every single action that you've ever taken started as a thought. Can you imagine how different your life could be if you were in full control of your thoughts? Well we can help!!!

 Every Monday night at 7pm(EST) we release an episode called "5 Minute Clinic" We take 5 minutes to share an important lesson that has really shaped us into who we are today so you can learn from our experiences, lessons, mistakes and victories!

 Every Wednesday night at pm(EST) we release an episode called "Small Talks." We take a word and go off on that word for 5-10 minutes. These episodes are meant to give you motivation and inspiration quickly, while you're on the go!


Every Friday at 7pm(EST) we drop a 20 minute episode from the "Scratching The Surface" series where we talk about things that are going on in our lives, questions from the listeners, or something new that has helped us in our journey...to help you!

Every Sunday night at 7pm(EST) we release an episode with an amazing guest and we dissect their stories of how they overcame their circumstances, the odds, the doubts, the fears, and the difficulties to become the successful people they are today! Authors, World Famous Speakers, War Heroes, Relationship Coaches, NFL Players, and everything in between!

Podcast Highlights

#144 - Dave Meltzer - Going The EMPTY Mile

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If you listened to episode #135, you heard Kevin and I interview David Meltzer.


After that interview over the phone; we were blown away, so we set the intention to get in the same room as Dave ASAP. And we did!


We found out that Dave was doing an event in Boston, so we booked a hotel room and turned it into a studio.


In this episode, we dug deep about how Dave manages to travel 200 days out of the year, how he visualizes things into his future, his views on the challenges of being Hyper Conscious, and why giving is the key to maximizing your potential and living your best life!


Folks, Dave is not only unbelievably wealthy and successful, but he's also a true testament to what leadership is all about in my opinion.


If you're looking to learn, raise your standards and become the greatest possible version of yourself, this episode's for you. Enjoy!

#78 - Charlie Jabaley: From The Top Of Hip-Hop To Rock Bottom

From www.charliejabaley.com/about Have you ever dreamed so big, that it would change the lives of so many others, and end up changing your own, forever?


Charlie Jabaley wasn't your typical kid from Georgia (United States). Sometimes labelled, "the chubby kid", Charlie was a dreamer. Knowing that he needed to use his imagination as a weapon to survive the playground, Charlie created his first persona, CEO Charlie. He had other ideas. Like pursuing the life of an athlete. But, that had to wait.


As a young CEO millionaire of Atlanta Hip-hop management company, Street Execs, he sold millions of records, changed the trajectory of how to market to millennials, and guided the careers of influential artists like Grammy award winning 2Chainz. However, while all the success was pouring in, he battled depression, binge eating, crippling insecurities and a brain tumor. To everyone on the outside, CEO Charlie was crushing it. On the inside, he was dying. Unhealthy, unhappy and unfilled, Charlie retired in 2017 at the age of 29 from both the music industry and the name “CEO Charlie”. He made the decision to reinvent his life in pursuit of his childhood dream to become an athlete.




 Charlie Rocket inspires those around him. He’s lost 135 pounds. Became vegan. Ran 3 marathons. Reversed the growth of his brain tumor. Became an Ironman. Just finished his nationally known Dream Machine bike tour across America. Is currently on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine and secured partnership with Nike. Charlie has rerouted his ambition of making millions of dollars into his current mission to TRANSFORM 1 MILLION PEOPLE’S LIVES.


His name is Charlie Jabaley.

His story isn’t over yet.


What’s your name? What's your story? Our story isn't over yet.

We sat down with the incredible Charlie "The Rocket" Jabaley! We talked in depth about how his work ethic, hustle, and believe helped him become who he is today. We dove into a few of his "failures" that ultimately became a big reason why he strove for more. We also talked about how at the height of his success while managing the super successful hip-hop artist 2Chainz, Charlie decided he wasn't living the life he wanted to... The life he dreamed of when he was just a child.. The life of an athlete.


At 305 pounds and dealing with a brain tumor Charlie decided it was time to live the life he wanted. Now he's down 135 pounds, has a new business, has written a book, has run marathons, biked across america, and has competed in an ironman race. Charlie went from imagining the life of a millionaire to wanting to change a million lives.


What an amazing episode this was!

Don't miss it!


When you change the way you think....You change the way you live!

If you've made it this far into the website, you're looking for something, aren't you?

What is it.... Confidence? Vision? Purpose? Hope? A way to get Unstuck?

Hyper Conscious is far more than a pair of words, far more than a podcast... it's truly a way of life!

The goal in our lives, and the lives of our listeners is to become the best versions of ourselves.... No matter how hard it is! We only have one chance at this thing called life... LETS LIVE WELL!!!



Hyper Conscious is far more than a podcast. It truly is a way of life, and it changed my life completely. From the outside, everything looked amazing. High paying job, beautiful girlfriend, the body of my dreams.... but inside I was living a nightmare.

Depression, anxiety, a breakup, and several times contemplating suicide made me realize what I was doing wasn't sustainable. 

Hyper Conscious was born because I felt alone. 

I felt scared

I felt hopeless 

I felt trapped

It is my life's mission to make sure that you don't feel alone, and I promise to be as transparent as possible when it comes to all those vulnerable feelings people are afraid to talk about. 



Ever since I can remember, I have been insatiably curious. To this very moment, my mother still talks about how as soon as I could crawl, I was off exploring things. Once I could walk, this problem compounded for obvious reasons. I recollect stories she constantly tells of medicine cabinets, knife drawers and everything in between.


One story in particular, apparently we were all playing in someone’s gated backyard when I was very young, and someone left the gate open for barely 2 seconds. I was off; immediately I ran into the street to explore. Mother says she’s never run faster in her life, haha.


But here’s the thing. I believe that all of us have unique gifts and talents that the world DESPERATELY needs. In fact, I ask every podcast guest that very question.


“As human beings, we all learn, grow, change and evolve over the years, but what is it about you that never changed?”


It’s my favorite question to ask people because it gets directly to the root of who you really are. It’s the part of you that’s bigger than adversity and circumstance; the part of you that’s most TRUE. And that’s where your greatest gift is hidden just waiting to be unleashed.


I wear a chain around my neck at all times with a North Star. The North Star is the brightest star in the sky. It never changes and never moves. It is unwavering, constant; a guide. And I believe that part of you is exactly what this world needs more of.


Folks, being Hyper Conscious is not a catchphrase or a podcast name. It is a way of living. It is living in a constant state of learning and awareness, not just a greater awareness of yourself, but also of the world around you, and most importantly, the others in it.


“We cannot see the stars during the day. They are always there, but sometimes it takes the darkness to see clearly that which we simply couldn’t within the light.”


So please join us on this journey and allow this podcast to become your guide; a guide to your greatest potential and greatest level of contribution. Come dig deep with us, contemplate with us, laugh with us, cry with us and everything in between. And most importantly, come find out once and for all your greatest reason for being.


We love you guys and we are so proud of you for listening, reaching out, and most of all...Becoming Hyper Conscious in order to change your life!!!

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